Mr. Taste Caterer :: Providing Healthy Steamed Seafood Cusines for Your Fast Food Choices
Mr.TasteCaterer Provides Wholesome Dining

Founding Partners Bruce Zipes & Joel Goldberg


Mr. Taste Caterer, located at 5222 Church Ave (between 52nd and 53rd streets ) in Brooklyn, is a unique and take-out restaurant that fills the need within the marketplace by providing great meals at reasonable prices in a modern, vibrant setting. Specializing in healthy, steamed seafood and vegetables, salad, fries, specials and various options are served daily. The casual yet high-quality atmosphere and quick, friendly service accommodates on-the go customers, just as well as those wanting to sit and relax a while. Time allotted free internet access is provided to paying customers complements an innovative dining experience in which customers order steamed, baked or fried seafood, veggies, salad and/or fries, with the choice of adding their own condiments for selected menus.


CLYDE MICHAEL FALTINE and his beloved wife, EUFETA, own and operate Mr. Taste Caterer. A native of Trinidad and Tobago Mr. Faltine migrated to the United States in 1969 and settled in Brooklyn. He is a motivated individual who has extensive experience in the restaurant, entertainment, and small business industries, where he has honed his leadership and problem-solving skills throughout his career. Mr. Faltine has contributed to and supported cultural events within the community, and he is passionate about healthy eating habits, a passion he brings to “Mr. Taste Caterer”. Notably, Mr. Faltine is a Vietnam Veteran, proud father of nine and talented artist.


Mr. Taste Caterer provides local Brooklyn- area residents with a fresh new dining option that has a creative menu and a unique atmosphere presenting a welcome alternative to the niche in the area. Freshly steamed meals focuses on seafood and vegetables of which consumers have an option to add their own seasonings. The menu has an array of breakfast, lunch and dinner items as well as an extensive salad bar. The classic “Fish n’ Chips” is also available with a variety of side orders.

To meet the demands of busy professionals and home makers alike, an attentive staff helps facilitate speedy and easy ordering. Consumers have the option to ordering quick take-out or dining in at one of the comfortable tables or counter top.

The restaurant’s airy and well lit interior is tastefully decorated and designed for comfort and fast take-out service in order to accommodate customers on lunch breaks or in a rush. An internet cafe’ for patrons not in a hurry is available at no cost for an allotted time.

Presently, Mr. Taste Caterer Restaurant hours of operation are from 7 am to 10 pm daily.

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